We offer four solutions, aimed at specific needs or regulatory standards. Behind our software solution is an experienced consultant that will help your business adapt to the changes necessary for full compliance.

In many cases, firms are dealing with processes that they have not had to consider before. For example under SM&CR, the Compliance team will not have had to deliver this kind of programme to the business previously. We will help you every step of the way.

One platform delivers multiple solutions for all T&C, conduct, performance and certification.


Compliance, certification and control


Complete supervision and oversight of all your Retail Distribution Review needs


Managing call quality, outcomes and suitability to improve internal processes


A complete performance management tool fit for the regulated markets

How we can assist you with GDPR

As with all aspects of our platform, we focus on the people risks associated with Performance, Compliance and Conduct.

You can use the HRComply Platform to monitor standards and set Delivery, Knowledge and Competence KPI’s against all aspects of your staff’s GDPR compliance.

You can track, monitor and assess all of these in relation to GDPR – driving remediation and delivering effective risk management.
Effective MI and screen oversight gives you complete control.

Amongst other things – you can use the platform to:

  • Select and Assign – through pseudo random algorithms – file checks and assessments to designated Assessors for KYC, onboarding and AML processes – assessing against defined KPI’s and competencies
  • Identify shortfalls and set remediation – i.e. training, new trackable remediation objectives, escalation procedures and reporting
  • Ensure policy is attested to and understood – through policy attestation and knowledge testing
  • Ensure training is delivered and understood – outcomes tracked
  • Let us help you build and fully automate – through multiple workflows and oversight hierarchies – appropriate processes to manage your risks around your staff’s performance, competence and conduct re GDPR

In terms of our own and our platform’s GDPR compliance, we have taken significant steps to ensure data held on our platform is secure and held appropriately. We are happy to provide further information on our own internal policies, processes and Information Security.

We can also elevate all security to match your own inhouse standards – through single sign on, password protection and encryption.

How we can assist you with MiFID II

If your firm is subject to MiFID ll – and you employ staff in roles under the widened scope that now applies – you must ensure that you have implemented the requirements under Knowledge and Competence and that these are effective from 3rd January 2018.

The FCA has confirmed that they don’t plan to expand existing TC guidelines around appropriate qualifications; however, under MiFID ll the roles impacted by Knowledge and Competence requirements have expanded.

Broadly speaking, the requirements ensuring that staff are both qualified and competent to provide advice are now more detailed and firms must define and measure Competencies and KPI’s across a wider role base and provide robust evidence of this.

Together with the requirements on firms to certify their own staff under the Senior Managers and Certification Regime – there is a need for better:

  • assessment of Knowledge, Competence and Conduct
  • setting of appropriate qualifications and KPI’s
  • recruitment onboarding and probation processes
  • appropriate supervision.

HRComply can help you deliver this.

Firms must define paths to knowledge, competence and good conduct and ensure their delivery is maintained and recorded.

Firms must do more to ensure compliance of staff and to identify and remediate Knowledge and Competence risks and breaches and lack of understanding of – or compliance with – Conduct Rules. It is considered by the FCA that implementation of appropriate processes, monitoring, assessment and MI under SM&CR will be more than enough to deliver this in the UK and the FCA is therefore making an assumption that ESMA rules will be delivered and adhered to under the new regime.

The date has already passed by which you must ensure that this assumption is correct for your firm

This means that you should be looking at – and implementing Knowledge, Competence and Conduct assessment and monitoring processes that are robust, with appropriate MI, Senior Management accountability and risk management processes all defined and in place.

Both our RDRComply and SMRComply solutions can help you achieve full compliance with MiFID ll requirements.


Compliance based around people, performance, conduct, competence and governance

Complete Solutions

Delivering complete solutions through effective automated assessment and real time monitoring

Manage People & Risk

All the processes you need to track, control and manage ongoing T&C/people compliance – and associated risks


Aligning Compliance Certification and Governance requirements with performance assessment