PerformComply – Performance, Control, Compliance

Aligning performance with regulatory requirements

Increasingly there is a need to align performance – the way in which your staff deliver their roles and how they conduct themselves – to your regulatory requirements. Regulatory and people risk associated with conduct and competence are becoming the key areas of operational risk.

Your biggest assets aren’t necessarily on your balance sheet; they are your staff. They could, however, also be some of your biggest liabilities and risks – when compliant behaviours and performance delivery levels are not met.

Effective performance management aligned with competence, conduct and regulatory compliance will allow you to maximise your asset and minimise your risk.

GDPR, MiFID II and SM&CR are driving the need to monitor, assess and remediate staff delivery in terms of competence and conduct for regulatory purposes. The need to objectively manage and improve staff performance has never been greater but aligning the regulatory requirements with the HR obligations of effective performance and talent management can be problematic.

HRComply has been delivering T&C management software platforms to FCA regulated businesses for over eight years. Our solutions have grown organically through our clients’ direct business, HR and Compliance needs. Our performance management system PerformComply works alongside (or as part of) our other solutions SMRComply, RDRComply and CallComply.

It allows both HR and Compliance to blend the performance aspects of staff delivery with their regulatory certification, compliance and conduct obligations. This links certification and role-based competence with ongoing performance management.

People, performance, conduct, competence

“Drive all workflow and assessment hierarchies with up to six layers of assessment for every person being assessed”

“Distribute assessments and enable automated completions and email notification”

Some of our clients use a blended platform combining all the power of our various solutions; others use HRComply’s standalone performance management module aligned to the T&C requirements of the regulatory regime. The choice is yours and the ultimate platform you require is entirely configured to your precise needs.

  • Manages performance through role-defined competency sets, KPIs, objectives (personal and role based), responsibilities and learning/competence/CPD needs.
  • Drives all workflow and assessment hierarchies with up to six layers of assessment for every person being assessed
  • Distributes assessments and enables automated completions and email notification
  • Easy to use dashboards and navigation deliver assessments and MI to those that need it and with the appropriate level of detail
  • Simplifies the whole process and allows oversight and management of completions
  • Delivers full learning and development MI and links to PDPs and delivery of training
  • Fully configurable Ratings and performance analysis MI. Helps you identify shortfalls and risk points and drives analysis and performance trends across the business
  • Outcomes can drive future performance needs
  • Peer and 360 reviews all easily managed and automated
  • Multiple assessment structures and forms for any part of your business
  • Reduces paperwork and management time
  • Monthly 1:1s utilise totally configurable competency sets and role grouping
  • Fully linked to RAG dashboard to monitor and track associated KPIs and training
  • CPD module included to manage log and track CPD and target hours accumulated
  • GDPR and MIFID/KYC/TCF requirements tracked and assessed
  • Fully aligned with SHF and SMF roles; full competency sets included
  • Supports matrix assessment processes
Compliance, certification and control dashboard

“Easy to use dashboards and navigation deliver assessments and MI to those that need it and with the appropriate level of detail”

Whatever your performance management needs, we can deliver a bespoke solution delivered through our comprehensive T&C platform and which aims to simplify delivery, maximise successful outcomes and enhance employee engagement across the whole process.

Whether you are looking for a simple out of the box simple solution or a complex bespoke performance management infrastructure, HRComply can deliver.

We can help you review your needs and current deliveries, develop your requirements and content and roll out your new processes through cultural and user-based training.