About Us

HRComply was founded in 2009, capitalising on many years spent assisting investment banks in delivering T&C and conduct solutions under FCA supervision. These included S166’s and ARROW or Thematic reviews.

Our experience included working closely with the firms’ Compliance and Risk teams, the appointed Skilled Person consultants and – by extension – the FCA to design a scalable, online T&C management system.

The result was the HRComply proposition: one platform that delivers multiple solutions for all T&C, conduct, performance and certification.

As new regulatory regimes have been introduced, HRComply has worked with its clients to develop the software to its current four-solution structure. Most recently HRComply has further advanced the product through the inclusion of John Ridley, who joined the team in 2017 as CTO. John brings a wealth of experience in regulatory and conduct risk, having led development teams at a number of financial software firms. In particular he has strengthened the SMCR solution to its current position of market leader.

HRComply has over 60 years’ of practical City HR and software experience.

HRComply’s vision is to extend its financial services operations beyond the UK’s jurisdiction and expand into other professions where CPD and professional competence are critical.