Developed in-house at various investment banking and wealth management firms, our platform enables complete performance, conduct and competence assessment and management.

Our software has evolved in a live environment, through our direct experiences of working in financial institutions.

Easy to use, install and configure to a firm’s precise requirements, this browser-based platform is fully automated and can be hosted on the client’s server or our own.

Our software sets benchmarks for training and competence, behaviour and certification so that the required standards can be met within the regulatory framework.


Business Benefits


One platform delivers multiple solutions for all T&C, conduct, performance, and certification


Enabling your business to grow without additional T&C headcount


Easily installed

Easily integrated

Highly interoperable with a relatively small IT footprint

Ahead of the curve for compliance

We ensure that our clients are fully prepared for new developments in regulation

A driver for your Talent Management

Helping to facilitate improved staff retention

Engaging for staff

Building a performance-driven and compliance-based culture

Highly configurable

Tailored to your business

Technical Attributes

Managing risks and shortfalls

Risk-based assessments

Record keeping and audit trails

Such as T&C, conduct and CPD record keeping

Assigning permissions

With appropriate access for both users and supervisors

Simplicity of set-up and use

Intuitive user interface

Detailed MI and dashboards

Focusing on any problem areas

Pre-configured standard templates and forms

Configurable if necessary


Available hosted on any server, including our own cloud-based servers

Extensive screen based monitoring and tracking and full objective assessment processes/workflows

Set up and automated