Developed in-house at various Investment Banking and Wealth Management firms – HRComplySoft enables complete performance, conduct and competence assessment and management.

Easy to use, install and configure to a firm’s precise requirements. HRComplySoft is fully automated, online and can be hosted on the client’s server or our own.

Our three HRComplySoft modules

R-A-G Benchmarking Module

The real-time R-A-G Assessment Module delivers metric and due date benchmarking of all KPIs – including mandatory CPD – relating to FCA conduct, competence and contribution. R-A-G alerts are triggered wherever – and as soon as – shortfalls occur. Allowing Supervisors to set and monitor remedial actions. Complete audit trails and records are created.

Performance Appraisal Module

Appraisal and performance assessment cycles are automated through Outlook and drive assessment through a range of KPI’s – personal and business objectives and competencies. Training objectives can also be set at any assessment and then automatically link to and populate the CPD module where training and CPD can be closely monitored and recorded.

CPD Module

Both Appraisal and R-A-G modules link with and automatically update the CPD record module – building training plans, monitoring completion and aggregate CPD hours – building reports and CISI type returns.

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