• 31 May

    FinanceDigest Article – May 2016

    Creating a culture of compliance

    What is culture? The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as -The philosophy, practices, and attitudes of an institution, business, or other organization. Generally culture is something that develops naturally over long periods of time shaped as it is by so many factors – societal, demographic, political, social economic etc. It is certainly a very long period of time since the FCA started banging on about culture within financial services institutions – and their expectations in this regard. The FCA’s message has been as unequivocal as it has been longstanding – that it is looking to hold senior management accountable for the embedding of compliant cultures and high ethical and conduct standards. To judge by recent increases in enforcement levels relating to conduct – one could be forgiven for thinking that this has fallen largely on deaf ears.


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  • 18 Oct

    T-C News Article – October 2015

    Getting ready for the Senior Managers Regime

    The Senior Managers Regime (SMR) is coming soon and firms across the financial services industry are beginning to focus seriously on the consequences of this new regulation and their required
    response.  The new rules are wide ranging but there are four main strands:

    1. The new Senior Managers Regime
    2. The new Certification Regime
    3. A new set of Conduct Rules
    4. New Fitness and Propriety

    Those firms that will obviously be subject to the regulation (UK banks, building societies, credit unions, PRA designated investment firms and incoming branches of overseas banks) should be well underway with their response by now. A much wider set of firms, however, must be aware of the proposals. READ MORE

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  • 30 Jan

    A year in T&C

    Another year is past and before the retail financial services sector has had much of a chance to take stock of a post-RDR world, the next regulatory steam train is hurtling down the tracks of 2015. I refer of course to the new personal accountability framework and the further ramifications of the legislative changes stemming from the recommendations of the PCBS.

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  • 24 Oct

    Court in the act?

    The recent case of Rebekah Brooks (former editor of the News of the World) and the new enforcement regime of the FCA against senior management have generated the inevitable debate and comparison.

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  • 26 Sep

    Conduct unbecoming

    The FCA has what it cheerfully describes as a judgement-based approach to regulation. This allows the regulator to make a very subjective interpretation of what is acceptable conduct and what is not.

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  • 14 Aug

    Article in Financial IT – 8 July 2014

    A new era for training and competence

    To effectively regulate the UK financial services industry, the Financial Conduct Authority has adopted a new supervisory model, which rather than being reactive is pre-emptive and judgement-based.

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  • 14 Jul

    Article in T-C News July 2014

    Technology, silos and denial: why record keeping is such a problem for regulated firms

    Record keeping is perhaps the area most neglected by UK financial services firms under the FCA’s training and competence regime. What is often misunderstood is that the record keeping standards apply not only to anyone in a control function but also to staff across the business, as well as applying equally across the retail and wholesale sectors.

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  • 14 Jul

    Article in Global Banking and Finance Review – 30 July 2014

    T&C: Where Compliance and HR Collide or Collaborate?

    Training and competence is a unique element of the financial services compliance landscape, in terms of both perception and technology. Responsibility for it spans different departments, crossing the divide between HR and Compliance.

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  • 16 Jun

    Can compliance teams deal with market abuse?

    Earlier this year, it was reported that investment management firms were bracing themselves for a reinvigorated clampdown on insider dealing.

    By Andy King Blog
  • 14 Jun

    Article in Global Banking & Finance Review – 20 June 2014

    A New Supervisory Model for Financial Firms

    Since its formation in 2013, the Financial Conduct Authority has made it clear that it is no longer interested in routine compliance processes. The FCA’s focus is now on how the Compliance team, training and competence (T&C) programmes and the firm’s broader compliance culture deliver the ultimate customer experience.

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