What can HRComply – and our online assessment and T&C software – do for your company?

We can support all your performance management needs and ensure you deliver against the FCA’s increasingly demanding regulatory requirements in all aspects of T&C management, CPD, market and risk-based conduct.

HRComplySoft is the only system on the market that can do all of this.

1. Control of your T&C processes

  • Set clear competence, conduct and performance benchmarks ensuring required risk focus
  • Ensure FCA conduct compliance via constant system updates
  • Manage and monitor CPD and set clear training plans
  • Monitor progress with structured workflows – knowing that every employee has outstanding tasks defined and clearly communicated
  • Automate processes – entirely driven through Outlook
  • Simplify and streamline your operation, drastically reducing time and paper trails
  • Maintain clear and complete audit trails with full T&C process and record management

2. Complete Performance and Talent Management

  • Give staff clear development paths
  • Build employee engagement in managing their own Training & Competence and performance
  • Develop a performance and compliance-based culture and balance
  • Manage succession planning
  • 360° appraisal

3. Retail Distribution Review (RDR) compliant

  • HRComplySoft allows you to control Competence, Conduct and Contribution – benchmarking performance metrics, conduct standards and objectives, CPD, systems and controls and risks
  • Outputs-driven real-time assessment and monitoring against all KPIs
  • Unique RAG screens alert any shortfalls and allow supervisors to address problems and set Remediation Actions
  • Set mandatory CPD – record and monitor all CPD types, accumulate and benchmark hours by type – ensuring SPS targets are met
  • Produce super user reports for CISI and other professional bodies
  • Knowledge testing and links to e-learning platforms
  • Monitor and manage complaints

Further information:

HRComplySoft – RDR

4. Remuneration Code requirements

  • Set and manage risk-adjusted assessment of long term behaviours and performance to comply with Remuneration Code requirements (within investment banking, wholesale banking and investment management)
  • Demonstrate a commitment to a compliance-based culture and embed this into your compensation processes
  • Ensure clear audit trails
  • Set and assess business, personal, risk and compliance based objectives for all staff


5. Outsource all your Assessment and/or HR needs to us

  • We can manage all your T&C and performance management needs on your own cloud based database
  • Plan and manage all Training & Competence / performance and compliance assessment cycles producing required management data and reports
  • We build all KPIs, competency structures and CPD plans for you
  • We can also manage your HR needs on an ad hoc / project or fully outsourced basis
  • We have a 100% success record in managing difficult conflict and exit situations – reducing your reliance on lawyers

Further information:

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6. Reduced cost and risk

  • Reducing staff resource needed to manage your T&C / compliance processes / appraisal etc.
  • Reducing the risk of enforcement and fines
  • Reducing the cost of employee litigation and expensive exit compensation